Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2 Years-old

It's amazing to me that my baby is two. What's more amazing is that she won't be my baby come June. There will be a new little face around these parts (I still am having loads of trouble wrapping my mind around this). In fact, my heart at once bursts and breaks when I think that Ada won't be my only child soon. Is this normal? I'm such a swarm of conflicting feelings. On one hand I can't wait to add another little person to the mix. I can't wait to see Ada as a sibling. I can't wait to cuddle and new warm baby and introduce it to the wonders I've slowly discovered the last two years with Ada. On the other hand, the thought of dividing my time further, of spending even less with Ada and Mike and art is a complicating and conflicting thought.

But back to my darling Ada girl. She knows her ABC's and can almost count to 20 unassisted. She can sing all the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and knows several other tunes that she puts most of the words to (Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, Stars Were Gleaming, Mary has a little Lamb, Row, Row, Row your Boat, Elmo's World Theme Song . . .) She describes things with several adjectives, "Ada wants her purple ciucio with tiny, purple stars." Literally. She has said this to me on several occasions. She speaks in third person 100% of the time and often narrates everything she's doing or experiences. She mimics nearly every word I say. She picks up quickly on emotions. She loves to draw and paint and can do it for several hours a day. She loves Elmo. She seems to prefer book stacking to book reading these days (but perhaps it's because she's tired of our selections at home. . .) She can build the train track by herself but gets frustrated easily when the pieces don't line up on the first try. She loves wearing dresses and necklaces and hats but also loves to run and jump and climb, throw balls and play at the park.

She is a completely different baby than she was when we moved out here in August. In fact, I don't think she's really a baby at all anymore. This growing up business is even harder to watch from the outside. She's more and more fun by the minute (and often more challenging) but the phases pass so quickly and she's shooting up like a weed I'm not sure how much more growing I can take.

Can't we just put things on hold for a bit? A little bit? Please?

Ada, I love you so much my insides turn to pieces. You are the brightest joy of my life. Happy 2nd Birthday, sweetie.


Brianna Smith said...

We love Ada!!! Happy 2nd Birthday! Taryn asked to watch the Ada movie again and again :) I am so glad we still live close by so that our girls can have their play dates. I was just thinking the other day how everyone used to call our girls twins in Italy :)
Such a sweet girl you are, Ada!
We love you!
Love T,B & T

Amy and Mark said...

What a smarty pants! I think she is going to be such a good sister. And you a wonderful mother of TWO! We remember visiting you at the hospital the day after she was born. It was so amazing. We soon were pregnant with Noah after that! You are such a good mama and need to have 20 more Ada's running around ;) Happy Birthday Ada!

thepalmierifamily said...

Happy Birthday baby girl! You're turning into such a girl, and you're so wonderful. We miss you happy, curious little personality. Happy, happy birthday!

Anna Peterson said...

She's a doll. And I can't imagine what it must be like to be approaching this new transition. You are such a wonderful, loving mother, and how lucky this new little person will be to get to share in your love and care. One day we'll have all the time in eternity for everyone we care about. Until then, your family and us art lovers will enjoy your beautiful additions to this world.

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