Friday, September 21, 2007


I have a 3 hour drawing class twice a week. It's a pretty intimidating chunk of time to be honest. But I have decided that I really like getting a concentrated block of time bi-weekly rather than the measly 45 mintutes of class every day. The 45 minutes hardly even gives me time to get in "the zone."

On Wednesday I started in on the 4th, 5th, and 6th hours of my drawing. We had spent 3 hours on Monday intently staring at, and mapping out a large piece of crumpled paper pinned to the wall and then beginning to shade in the shadows. It was laborious. My butt went numb after sitting on the little wooden artist horse for about and hour and a half and by that time I think I was suffering eye siezures to boot. Needless to say I had to get up and take the load of my backside. It seems like my butt should have more endurance than that. What else does it do besides sit? I wonder how many of sitting hours it has done. Practice apparently doesn't make perfect when it comes to derrières. So my ishiums were sore when I resumed my drawing, but all thought of pain and discomfort faded as I began to get absorbed in my work.

I felt my lips press tightly together in a focused intensity as I scrupulously studied my subject. My eyes were concentrated on the subtle folds and wrinkles of the paper, and my hand diligently translated what I saw onto my drawing pad. Soon time started to escape me as I got lost in the transcendent dimension of creation...

Eventually I finished. When I awoke from my trance-like state I realized just now numb my rump was and my left foot was asleep. I wished I would have realized this BEFORE I tried to stand. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and I had a new-to-the-whole-legs thing/baby deer moment as I wobbled my way over to turn in my drawing.

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