Thursday, December 6, 2007


I've been running on low batteries for the last few day and I've been as busy as I can ever remember. Sleeping and eating have become dead last on my priority list and it's definitely taking its toll on me.

Monday I started out strong, thinking I could conquer all, feeling the pressure of being productive at the beginning of the week because of how much I am planning on working this weekend, but knowing that I am fortified with power and ability to navigate the whiles of a crazy week. The way that I saw it, I would be either in class or studying from 8 until well after midnight each night. I planned on having this morning and Saturday morning as my "productive mornings" where I could clear some of the looming tasks clear off my to-do-list. There are things on there that are dusty I've put them off so long. It's not entirely my fault, things come up and as the snow falls outside, the snowball is picking up speed inside as there is more and more on my plate during the final stretch of the semester.

This morning, however, was consumed by working a catering gig in Salt Lake. Monday night I received a phone call begging me to take the job because they are short on people at this time of the year. With parties stacking up along with finals, the college workers are suddenly MIA. I consented to be there at 6:30 am and work until my class at 2. I'm now sitting in the library. My class got canceled, and I just need a breather for a few minutes before I buckle down for the next hour and a half.

I have a 3 hour class at 4 and then I'm meeting my roommates to go see Little Women, which will provide a much needed break before I head to the library again to labor over some paper, lecture, drawing . . .

Tomorrow my to-do list consists of two things: Work in the office from 9 to 1 and work catering from 1:30 to midnight. After that, I plan on painting until I can't keep my eyes open anymore and then I'll steal some hours of sleep before waking up early to finish my art final projects, my Book of Mormon Paper and then catering at 3.

It's nuts how some weeks just come at you fast. I feel a little disheveled and beat-up, tired and maybe a little hungry. But soon enough the holidays will be here and I'll have fewer things to stress about. Until then, I'd better start chipping away at the lists of things to do and get that all-too-amazing satisfactory feeling of checking off a box!

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