Saturday, December 1, 2007


Word on the street has it that I look like Elizabeth Smart. ??? A few years ago when she was missing, my young women's leader was the first to get the bright idea, "Hey! Let's dress you in a burka, tie you up, shove you in the back of my car and drive around the mall parking lot!" Brilliant right? Well turns out I didn't need the burka or cords to be interrogated about my identity. I was in a department store with my cousin when a lady came up to me and asked me my name. I answered honestly but a bit hesitantly because I couldn't decide why she wanted to know. "Paige." "No, you must be Elizabeth smart. You've obviously been brain washed. I WILL HELP YOU!" she said in an intense whisper. "Um. No. My name is Paige--" She cut me off and I motioned to my cousin and mouthed "Get over here!" she vouched for me and we got out unscathed and much relieved to be rid of the extra-hyper-concerned citizen. Incidents similar to this happened on numerous occasions for the few first months Elizabeth Smart was M.I.A.

Well yesterday (years after Elizabeth Smart has been out of the limelight) I was on a catering job in Alpine. While I was setting the tables two ladies bustled up to me excitedly and started asking me questions. "Is your company based in Provo?" "Yes it is." "And how old are you sweety?" "I'll be 19 in a few months" "Does your name happen to be Elizabeth?" Hesitantly, "My middle name is Elizabeth..." and then they sensed the unease and wonder in my voice about why they were asking me all these leading questions. "We're sorry, it's just that, isn't that Smart girl going to school in Provo? She's about your age and when we saw you, we were convinced that Elizabeth Smart was going to be our server!" I didn't quite know what to say. I was caught a bit off guard, it has been years since this sort of thing happened and I thought these two were so funny.

I guess Elizabeth Smart has become some sort of celebrity. So much so that she's sought after like a movie star. I gave Ida and Delli quite the let down by admitting that I was just a student from Provo and not ELIZABETH SMART!!!

So after much searching on the internet and through my iphoto pictures, I have concluded that I don't look like her. Oh well. Ida and Delli think I do.

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