Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Question: Who does all their Christmas shopping during finals week? Answer: Insane people. AKA me. Why you ask? Well that's a good question. It beats the library that's for sure!

Today I made a few friends at the stores and realized that people really are merrier during the holiday season. What is it? The icy air? The frosted store fronts? The brightly colored lights? Wrapping paper? Whatever it is, it sure adds to my Christmas season experience every year.

Target is where I met my first friend. It was sort of an awkward encounter at first. The lady kept giving me the fake out like she was leaving so I'd step toward the register, but I was distracted so I wasn't looking, and then I'd realize that I was literally inches from her. So I'd step back. She'd move. I'd move. She'd move back. We kept brushing shoulders and touching arms. It was just a little intimate for an initial run-in. I apologized for the awkwardness and we laughed about it for a second. I just love good-humored people. As she was leaving (for real this time) she walked over to me, put her hand on my arm and said in a sarcastic, but sort of sultry whisper, "I just had to touch you one more time before I go..." the longing in her voice was hysterical. Here she is, some mother of at least the three who were hanging on and in her cart, but looking like she was in her early 40's, totally joking around with some complete stranger and caressing her arm. She was in the happiest mood and I attribute it to the Christmas spirit.

At the next store the checker was just so chatty and cheery I could hardly stand it. I learned that she is a World War II buff and has recently gotten into Dean Hughes' recent books that integrate the church and the war. Interesting. She also has a book list that she carries around in her purse and is constantly adding to. She has over 100 books that she wants to read. That would be completely overwhelming to me.

I love how people interact more and share more in December. Maybe with the cash and cards as loose as they are, peoples minds and mouths follow suit. I like it. There really is something significantly different around Christmas time and it's not just my checking account balance.

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