Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Last year we mosied downstairs around 9 and gathered round for presents. This year I expected much the same. Me being the last one out of bed by the pleas of the little'nes, and a gradual awakening, like some golden ratio between number of opened boxes and my awakeness.

I think I'll attribute it to the onesie I wore to bed, but this year I woke up excited and scrambled for my ipod to get the time. 3:39 am! I don't think I've woken up that early out of Christmas Excitement since I was in the sixth grade. I realized I was cold, and that my sisters who were sleeping on either side of me were on top of my covers. So I booted Mogli over in his bed and snuggled in until my cell phone alarm went off at 8:17. I forgot to turn it off.

I think the highlight of my morning was watching Lil' Lou open her cell phone. I've had the number programmed into my phone as "Santa" for over a month now. Another highlight was hearing the groans from the living room as Lil Lou and Mogli found the surprises I left in their stockings for them. It will take a bit of explaining.

A few days ago I was at Sportsman's Warehouse with Mom searching for "5 Gold Things" for Dad. (She's doing "The Twelve Days of Christmas Break" for him and the next day was day 5). Well I had no idea that A) Sportsman's Warehouse has a craft aisle and B) that they have animal parts in the craft aisle. I found a "rabbit mask" which I purchased for $2 for Lil' Lou and a squirrel tail with the bone still inside that I bought for Mogli. They freaked out, but after the initial shock, they laughed up a storm and we decided that later we'll make a Squrabbit.

I love the wrapping, I love the feelings, I love being surrounded by family. I love the lights, I love the music, I love the extra cheer.

We played games with my Dad's side in the early afternoon and spent time laughing together. This game is one of our family favorites and we get a kick out of watching newcomers enter the game play and see how freaked out they get. After we headed up to Mom's side for Christmas Dinner and more family time. The holidays were all wrapped up tonight at the Crawley's house with some cards, enchiladas, and Guitar Hero. I've mastered Medium, but I'm still too scared to graduate to Hard.

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