Friday, January 25, 2008


On my mind. . .
  1. Grandpa's heart. It is so large and full of love and wonder. I just wish it would stop needing surgical attention. I guess I'm just grateful that we have access to medical procedures and facilities that can heal his heart physically so he can heal mine spiritually and otherwise.
  2. London expenses. Hawaii expenses. Housing expenses. Living expenses. How I need to pick up my paycheck (a week ago). How I want to go to the Philippines. How I love to travel. See. Experience. My eyes account for less than one percent of the weight of my head and yet they aid my favorite sense, but I'm bony and dense; I see what I expect.
  3. Caroline.
  4. A letter that has needed a response for over two weeks. It sits on my desk and stares at me, patiently waiting for attending to. I just don't know what to say.
  5. e.e. cummings and a boy and how the parallel is astounding
  6. My major. Is it going to give me fulfillment? Success? Is it what I really want to venture into? Should I explore the realms of Industrial Design? Architecture? Am I just being lazy by not trying for anything more? Then again, is my major necessarily less? Maybe I just have a complex from everyone around me who is condescending about how "easy" it is or how "unpractical" it is. What are you going to do with that major? Ask me again. I dare you.

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Gritty Pretty said...

i hope your grandpa is doing well.

about art...i used to get so frustrated at people who slammed art. one day i went around to the physics department with a camera crew and had them sign a book i made and pledge to be "one of the few, the proud, the visually astute". and then i interviewed them about what art was to them. It was very fun and i met some cool people.
but let me tell you...for many *Art* is a mystery and they have next to no access. But if you've been given a talent and skill (and you have!) then you owe it to the world and most importantly, to yourself, to develop it.
in other words, please don't give up art.
the end

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