Monday, January 28, 2008


What did I do? Friday felt like one bounding leap from my class to the car as we headed to Park City to meet up with Jamie's brother and his imaginary wife and scope out the Sundance scene. The first movie we tried to go see was sold out so we hit up a few galleries, found a promotional owl, ate some good pizza and decided on spending a late night after picking up wait list tickets to this which started at 11:30. Yikes! Thank you Justin, your iphone, and your blog for the picture.

While we waited we listened to some live music, tried to get into a club, got rejected from a private party (but all we really wanted was some juice) and successfully avoided every celeb at the festival. Oh well . . .

Saturday consisted of 2 hours of errands and random things to check off my list, 2 hours of research for my paper, 30 minutes of good-deeding, 1 hour of running, 30 minutes of family, 5 hours of switching off back and forth between reading for bio and writing a personal essay, 15 minutes of trying to eat rice pudding, an hour of teaching Lil' Lou to drive a stick (accompanied by an hour of laughter) and time spent with a friend who loves learning to be decisive.

Sunday was an attempted farewell, a bit of piano-ing, a short practice for an impending musical number, another farewell, some more singing, a few tears, some tasty tacos, visting teaching, a leadership meeting, family home evening, ward prayer (which not only last 45 minutes because the bishop had us passing around a gun that killed someone, but was also twisted an morbid on all sorts of levels), choir practice, running clothes to an anxious sister, and two constructive conversations.

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