Monday, January 7, 2008


I started in on my resolutions and so far so good. I got home from a rigorous first day of class around 4:30, mosied into my room, and felt my body go limp. I let the effects of gravity move me slowly from the chair as I slid to the floor and thought, "I should be doing something productive right now..." The problem came when there wasn't really anything for me to do. Darn these easy beginnings!

Then it hit me. TAKE A BATH! Perfect. So I grabbed my book and decided to spend an hour reading and relaxing.

I settled in and immersed myself up to my chin. I love the sounds you can hear underwater. There was a hub of activity going on in the next apartment that seemed to be magnified through the bath and submerging somehow forced waves of sound into my ears along with the water pressure. I took a deep breath. I felt myself float. I exhaled. I sunk. I remembered that gravity is remarkable and let myself have a moment of wonderment about how it is that gravity holds everything together.

I read for a good hour. Hopefully I'll read the bulk of it before classes really pick up. Hopefully.

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