Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Isn't it strange how fast he knows?
Yeah. Think about it. He knows as much as him, but more than him. He knows something more than her or her or him, but not them. Most likely, he knows somethings more than me.

I knew it was coming.
You did?
I did.
A little bird told me. It was wearing a green shirt.

You should say that.
Why not?
It isn't nice to say some things.
It isn't nice to not say other things.

It was weird. I wanted to do two things at once.
That's not weird for you. You're a professional multitasker. I think you could make an olympic sport of it.
I hope I don't make an olympic sport of this.

All I want right now is to pull the sky over my eyes and sleep in the glittering dark.
I can arrange that.

I wrote this over a month ago, but it's funny how things come full circle. It's poignantly relevant now.

I'm Still Here

Sun went down
, city sleeps now
But I’m still here
I know why I’m not sleeping

You were there
, where I first saw you
Sitting near
strumming all those chords
Did you know did you know
some were not yours?
They were mine
They were my heart chords

I didn’t mean to make you cry
But it hurt Deeper than I thought than it would sting
Did you know did you know
what you were doing?

I cried I realized I cried A part of me died I cried
But now I have to can fly ‘Cause you’re making me bud wings

Things will be different now. Better now. Hopefully now.

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