Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In honor of National Poetry Month (yes, April is National Poetry Month and I hope we all take at least a moment to read some and write some) Pseudosister and I read poetry at a local concert at the eerie Provo Castle while the musicians took a little hot chocolate break. The music was good, so was the poetry, so were the people. Love love love. The concert was followed by some block rocking with the girls. Not the above beauties, but Abbylane, Kar, Korihor, and two of Kar's friends. It's been a while since I've let loose on the dance floor (aka parking lot). Wonderful.
The night after was full of laughter, roommates and glowsticks (which are currently being preserved in the freezer right next to the tots). Thank you work for the hookups. Between the comedy sketches and pumping jams, we had a blast.
Thanks for the flowers. Despite recent weather activity, I still believe Spring is on its way.She was fantastic live. I forgot how young and tiny she is. I was reminded me of NeatPetite.
And then Jimmy came out and we were estatic. Their latest album is grand. The crowd was insane and sweaty and a I loved it. I love when people come together, even when it's too close for comfort. Half way through their set I was suddenly up in the air and soon found myself crowd surfing. I always thought they passed you along. Oh no. They throw you. So you're airborne for a few before landing on another group of people who catch you and throw you again. So intense. The girl that got up just after me got dropped. The only thing that happened to me is people tried to steal my shoes. They didn't get them--I flexed my toes.

The music was so intense I could feel it vibrating in my spine. It was like with every bass hit a sudden jolt of energy shot through me and I felt it in my toes. Thanks for the tickets Sam. It's nice to know that work has perks. 6 of them in fact.

Disapointment? OlderAndWiserToo pulled an "older and wiser?" move and sat in the SEATS in the back when she and her crew had floor tickets. Could. Not. Believe. Them.


Little Light said...

I cannot believe you posted that picture of me... I'm so embarrassed, although it is very classic

Kaitlyn said...

paige, thank you SO much for one of the best nights ever!

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