Wednesday, April 30, 2008


People complained this morning at breakfast about waking up at 3 and not being able to go back to bed. I smiled as I ate my yogurt and reminisced about how I went to bed at 10 and slept soundly until 7. Not too shabby?

We were out shortly after 9 where we went to King's Cross to buy train tickets to Paris and venture a gander at J.K. Rowling's Platform 9 3/4. It's there. We found it with a luggage cart embedded in the wall. Took a few pictures, felt extremely and utterly touristy, and headed to St. Paul's to do a walk around the Financial District.

The Cathedral is beautiful. Old. Covered with mosses and lichen that seem as ancient as the stone. We peeked in only for a minute, anxious to get on our way and complete one of the 8 "London Walks" we have to finish up by Saturday.

St. Paul's Cathedral reflected in part by a building across the way.

I couldn't stop feasting upon the numerous reflections that seemed to consume every space available for reflecting. The buildings, the cars, the lamp posts, the railings, even the cement on which our shoes were treading was covered with slick rain that cast the world back in mirror image. Everything was a reflection of its immediate vicinity, even if that only meant the sky.

The Financial District

We met back at the center at 1:00 to have a quick meeting before heading out to see the this. Something I noticed that I thought was interesting was that the pit orchestra didn't have any strings. Fancy that. I mentioned it to the girl next to me who assumed I was talking about props on stage and quickly responded, "They have to use strings on the broom don't you think?" All in all it was fantastic and I have been humming the all-too-familiar tunes since we stepped out the doors of the theatre.

More walking was met with a delicious dinner. The couscous salad topped with lime-mango marinated chicken. Yum. After we headed to the theatre district for yet another rainy waltz around the city. The Thames is absolutely beautiful at night. I saw Big Ben and thought, "Yep, I have arrived." The reflections were more apparent at night as the black concrete contrasted with the flashes of golden light splashed on the walks by the cars and buildings. Unbeatable beauty.

Waterloo Bridge with Big Ben and light

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Rachel said...

So. I randomly found your blog. And, can I just say that I love your pictures. I just spent a month in London for work and we were at Paternoster Square (St. Paul's Churchyard). St. Pauls was my view every day and it was lovely. Enjoy london for me!

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