Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today my shoes were once again set to pavement in an earnest attempt at completing more walks. After a brisk morning run, a bit of breakfast and a quick shower we hoped on the Circle Line and rode to the Westminster stop. I let my feet carry me up the stairs and my eyes were drawn in a similar direction. Big Ben greeted us as we surfaced from the belly of the city and I wanted to kick my heels. Westminster was busy, crowded, bustling, thriving, pulsating with activity. . . I want a briefcase.

We did our walk which circled all around the famous sites, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, St. Jame's Park and others. We ended back at Westminster Abby and didn't leave sandwiches on the fence. Someone else, however, thought it was a grand idea. I hope they aren't still hungry.
The afternoon was filled with over-hyped waffles, riding on the tops of buses and finding Primark. A.Maz.Ing. I bought a bag. It was a necessity.

We came back for dinner and a meeting to go over rules and other house keeping items that they spared our severely jet-lagged bodies and minds a few days ago. Also at the meeting was a bishop from the area who gave us our ward assignments. I am so excited to fling myself into the ward here and really get into the people and culture. One of the reasons I believe that Germany was so edifying last summer was because of how close I got to the individuals there. I can't wait to have similar experiences. I want find a quiet old man in a pub and talk to him for hours, or join in on a "football" game in Kensington Garden. There is just so much to do I sometimes feel paralyzed about where to start.

We went out again after the meetings, this time South of the Thames River. I sometimes feel bad for people on the tube with us. The doors open and suddenly a gaggle of chortling Americans with cameras, loud laughs and red boots swamp the car. I have tried to lay low, talk quietly and not become too obnoxious, but when I found out that they are having this while we are here, I was momentarily oblivious to the fact that there were 20 other people within arms length.

The walk was incredible by night. The river was aglow with all the surrounding ambient light reflecting in from every direction. Every time I took a breath deep enough to fill my lungs it made me smile to think I am finally here. Here, where I can rebuild, find, lose, learn and fall in love with something much bigger than myself. London is already capturing my heart. Bit by bit I am finding my passion again. I talked to VioMind for hours as just her I ambled our way back from the inner city and discussed where we want our passions to drive us. I didn't have a straight answer, but as I told her about the fervent burnings and stirrings that light my ardent love for art I felt so motivated and ready to devote myself wholeheartedly to whatever it takes to get me there. I sketched for myself today for the first time in months.
Lights on the Thames by night.

We found our way home by way of the Millennial bridge and I made a mental note to spend hours exploring the Tate Modern. I have a feeling I'm going to become a museum rat and I like it. I can't make my mind quit spinning.

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La Penseuse Viable said...

I adore your pictures, love. They make me miss you.

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