Friday, May 2, 2008


Last night as I listened to the resident director talk about his background in anthropology and mention briefly his life of travel and study. How amazing would it be to get paid to go and learn about people? People! Just people. Just amazingly diverse, intricate, individual and yet amalgamated groups of people. Politicians should be anthropologists first. Understanding others makes better leaders and teachers, counselors and friends. To understand is to think beyond your own skull for once and make that scary jump through another's dura mater. If the people calling the shots for our country were more concerned with people rather than calling shots maybe we could make this whole government thing center around what really matters. People.

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Millas said...

It's the one thing that I've always tried to do Ardently. I've been told that I am good at reading people.
You also have to look at something though, no matter what a goverment official does, they will make someone mad due to the fact that there are so many differences between people.

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