Friday, May 2, 2008


Instead of a run to start off my day I saved my legs for a quick game of soccer in Hyde Park after breakfast. I scored two and a half goals (according to one of the professor's sons who only counted one of them as a half goal?) It is still so incredible to me that I am in London. We can don our trainers and head out the front door, cross a few streets and end up in Hyde Park where little boys in red and white are playing cricket and many others are climbing all over the Peter Pan Park. Then hours later jump on the tube and find ourselves in front of the Tower of London. How is it so?!

I bought conditioner for 44p. I was impressed with myself seeing as the girls came back from Tesco yesterday bragging about 2 for £4. Take that! My favorite purchase of Z's? His 5 pack of these. It's unfortunate, however, that I discovered them so early in the term.

A Happy Hippo about to make a happy mouth.

We finished my second to last walk today and upon returning met up with Viomind to head back to Hyde's Park. The sun was shining. I love it here. The sun is such a rarity it feels like the sky opens up just so everyone will drop what they are doing to catch a few beams on their skin. The drizzles, though frequent they may be, seem to be fleeting and often the sudden showers are dried up as fast as they came.

The park is wonderful and green; lush by every description. I brought my sketchbook along for the journey but the rain got in the way (as did trying to hold an umbrella) so I just let my eyes do the feasting and my mind the recording. I want to savor every moment, imprint them, emboss them, keep them crystalline in my head so I can pull them out like fresh photographs for days when the rain isn't as magical and the air not as clear. Maybe writing it down will help. My eyes felt dense and weighty as they sucked in every form of visual stimuli available. Already things seem to be slipping. I have a retention problem. . .

Swans in Hyde Park.

I don't know how it's done but somehow everything here seems to shimmer in the mist of the atmosphere. It all looks magical, shining.

A puddle in Hyde Park.

Dinner, a walk around Piccadilly and a bit of reading came next then at 9 we frolicked to the Tube and wound up at the Hyde Park Chapel for the singles ward's 80's dance. Rockin'. Lemme tell ya. Glitter, shimmer, and shine, we partied hardy until we could barely stand and ventured our way back after a few deliberations about which way really lead us home. Z was right. Again. but I still don't trust him.

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Jenny said...

I'm glad you realize that Zac should not be trusted...

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