Friday, August 1, 2008


We never did figure out what made it burn so hot. The next morning OlderAndWiserToo and I went up to pick up garbage and rescue Darla and saw the remnants of the blaze that set our s'mores a smokin' the night previous. The ash was white and thick in the ring. I wanted to blow it into the air and watch it float away. I wanted tiny little strings attached to tiny little problems to be attached to the ash as they flew so it could take everything, everything, far and away.

The bonfire was more crowded, more sweet, more musical, more social, more tasty, and more new faces than most. But it was more fun, more uplifting, and more warming as well. My new favorite: mallow+gram+this=the best fireside treat this side of sunrise.

Thanks to Literarah and capture(d) the night was never dull.

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