Monday, September 1, 2008


The daintiest part.

We did away with all things showery and cutesy. No one really likes to dress each other up in toilet paper or guess ring sizes anyway. Therefore, the decision was made to have a pool party. And eat hamburgers. Like real women.

PseudoSister is getting hitched in just over a month so we thought it right to celebrate the occasion. With meat.

We drove up Thursday morning, Brian absolute laden with chairs and equipment (he's such a trooper), and set up for an afternoon of fun in the sun. ]The daintiest part of the party? Paper lanterns provided by Extraordinaire! herself. She really is a hostess of the world. She threw open her doors and let us use her house and yard for an afternoon of frivolities and fun (and few taught and tighty naughty nighties. I offered these if PseudoSister preferred. I think she's going to take me up on the offer).

Extraordinaire! and I mostly kept to ourselves during the party. I put my nose in my new favorite book, and she furthered her Rockband career with Drandler.

The bride to be.


Croslands said...

Didn't know she was getting married. Glad you blog so I can be up to date. But sometimes it's really hard for me to figure people out.

lesismore said...

did you get that last comment of mine?

lesismore said...

OK, apparently not - it said - thank you for giving me such a great blog name - it's a little over the top which is most likely the point!

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