Friday, October 31, 2008


I've seldom seen more beauty and poise, even with your swollen eyes, puffy from experiencing things unexpected. I've hardly known more grace during moments of less-than-triumph, or seen someone with a more of a perfect outlook when all I see is that dim fragment of bitterness that though starts out small, in its smallness swallows. I see you as a matchless form of balance and control, of goodness and steadiness. (It makes me want to be like you, so I too can emulate such brightness). You stun me with your understanding elegance and understated virtue. You are strong. Standing splendid.

I've thought about ways to make a form like you for me to grow into. Or maybe ways of possibly making myself flat so a giant cookie-cutter-you could come down to trim off my roughnesses. I've pondered ways to frost myself like you do, or maybe just make a compression mold. (You taught me about those). I think of you. Always.

And I love you true.


David Messenger said...

I love this entry. So so true. And yes a compression mold might be the way to go.

Kylie said...

paige this is beautiful. as are you :)

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