Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Maybe it's the color theory classes that seem to attach themselves inseparably in my mind, or maybe it's just my obsessive compulsiveness, but everyday I look for two things: contrast, and complimentary colors. Lately, finding complimentary colors is as easy as finding leaves on the walks.

I dreaded the anticipated 20 minute walk home from campus before I moved in this semester, but I have grown to love time to think, see, feel, and just be. Today's walk unfolded a flood of compliments and in a way I felt like it was a way of Him reminding me that He's there and preparing a place for me; that he loves me. The red tops of trees were stark against the evergreens. The purple pansies were nestled in piles of golden leaves. And I had to pause and stare at the absolutely stunning sight of the yellow Aspens interrupting the forever endlessly blue sky. You know the kind. Deep. Penetrating. And pure.

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