Tuesday, December 20, 2011

An up-the-backer

"Ten months is respectable."

I hear this (or something similar: "Nine months is respectable . . .") often when Mike gets in a cloth-diapering rut. He doesn't like having to put the diaper in the bin or flush the liner. I keep telling Mike he's not sick of cloth diapering, he's sick of diapering. Period. (Mamma mia, have we got many more years of changing diapers ahead of us . . .) Diapering isn't fun or glamorous any way you slice it.

In preparation for our big (read: way too painfully short) trip back to The States, I bought a package of disposable diapers last week. Ada and I determined it would be best to test-drive said disposables (I had no clue what size to buy, which kind to get; I felt a bit silly and was glad my friend was there to walk me through it) before we got on a plane and had some unforeseen catastrophe.

This was Ada's first time in a disposable diaper since she was just weeks old and we were still cheering for every bowel movement. The days of cheering for poops are long over.

Diaper covers drying on the bathroom radiator.
The diaper was only a few hours old when I noticed an unsightly looking stain on the back of Ada's shirt. Upon closer inspection I realized what it was: an up-the-backer explosion. This was a mothering first. And an unwelcome first at that.

So far, I'm not overly impressed with the disposables. I even went for the more expensive option (nearly 8 Euros for 20 diapers), thinking they would for sure exceed all diapering expectations and make me want to switch over to the ease and simplicity of disposables.

Sporting the disposables. I must say it makes her bum look so tiny comparatively...
Nothing is easy or simple about changing Ada's clothes. It takes lots of singing, and distractions and tears and time. She's not a big fan of getting handled.

I'll be interested to see what I think after a week+ of using disposables in Utah. Bets on whether I'll make the switch?

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Cason and Marie said...

She could not be cuter! AND...she's walking? Did I miss that post? Such a big girl!!

Brittany said...

I know what you mean! We use cloth probably 85% of the time, and every time we've ever had an 'issue' it's been in a disposable.

So, you fully use gDiapers, right? I've got two and my girls go through them so quickly. I think I've just got heavy wetters because they can only wear them for 45 minutes or so. It's a shame because gDiapers are SO cute.

Chelsie Troxel said...

Paige! Hi! I have 2 questions for you...
1: how do you get poop stains out of the liners?
2: did you ever use the butt paste? Well... It is a mean old stainer and I am wondering if you know how to get it out!
And 3: does Ada ever pee and leak out the diaper? I think James has a pretty large bladder (cause he eats like a machine!) because he has leaked out the top a few times now. I wanted to see how you would prevent that.

Chelsie Troxel said...

And Ada looks so darling! We can hardly wait to see you!

paige crosland anderson said...

@Brittany, yes we're full-time gdiaper-ers. I haven't tried other brands, so maybe I'm missing out, but I'm satisfied with how gDiapers work for us. I do double her up at night and I have to change her every 3-4 hours, but leaks are pretty rare.

@Chels, I'll email you :)

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