Monday, December 19, 2011

Babbo Natale

My family keeps saying things like, "We can't wait to play with Ada! But she probably won't come to any of us anyway . . ."

I just want to set the record straight once and for all.

The baby is a curious extravert.

She loved Babbo Natale and was especially enamored with his beard. The ward thought it was quite funny when she toddled up to him, rather than trying to squirm away. She wouldn't look at the camera (or her mother) for a second. It meant taking her eyes off of this interesting person.

Ada and Babbo Natale at the ward Christmas party. He came with two people dressed as reindeer, pulling him on the bishop's chair.
Before the party we met with several ward members and carolled in the Piazza Maggiore. It was beautiful. And festive. And all the old ladies hoovered around us rather that having to go door to door. It may be the one of the first times I've thought, "The Italians are so efficient!" (They're meticulous, and fine, and everything they do is high quality. But efficient . . .)

After we went to the church and ate (and ate and ate and ate). There's one oven in the little kitchen down stairs. But there were probably a dozen trays of steaming entrees. I had lasagne that literally melted in my mouth. I've never really understood the term before. Now I get it.

Advent Calender Day 19: Read this talk by Grandpa Neal
Christmas Song: Get Behind Me, Santa by Sufjan Stevens

Get Behind Me, Santa by Sufjan Stevens on Grooveshark

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