Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This post by one of my favorite people on the planet earth struck me today. It felt like a call to action; a call to step outside myself more each day and see.

It's easy for me to get overwhelmed easily. When I was more current on world events and such last semester, it almost got oppressive to know how much suffering and how much filth was out there. But I'd prefer to know than turn a blind eye. It just makes me wonder what we are expected to do. At this point, I can barely handle my own dealings, much less others.

My own checklists consume me. Dress dropped off to the tailor's. Bridesmaids dresses ordered. Sized. Returned. Cake meeting on the 6th. Tailor's on the 27th. 4:00. Invite file sent. Homework? Sculpture. Stone carving. Pick up check. Sandblast bronze. Visiting Teaching. Pick Hymns. Scholarship application. Job finding? Meeting next Wednesday. . . Consumed.

I think she hit on a good point of education that I have dealt with my entire college career which is the more I learn the more it seems to drown me. All of the sudden I see more, and it makes more questions, more considerations, more---

Education makes her brain hurt. It makes mine hurt too. But I think the pain is worth it.

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