Friday, March 6, 2009


Last night BrightBoy sent me a New York Times online piece that an artist did on Abraham Lincoln. It was fun and informative, whimsical and silly. I loved it. It was a nice break from the heavy criticism reading I was doing earlier that evening. While scrolling down, reading the words and letting my eyes feel the images I became fascinated with Mary Todd Lincoln. I realized that I've never heard much about her, the 16th First Lady of our country. She was described as being a misunderstood and even tragic figure. Reading about her made me want a personal interview with Elizabeth Keckly. It also made me want to read Keckly's book Behind the Scenes, or, Thirty years a slave, and four years in the White House which I have already checked out on Amazon. I could get a new copy for just $2.66! (The problem is I already have about fourty books on the shelf by my bed that stare at me every night asking, "Why haven't you read us yet?")

After reading through and looking at Kalman's work, it really made me want to be in DC with my sketchbook in hand, meeting Lincoln myself. Right now.


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