Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After hours and hours of NPR and nearly half a block of cheese, I feel like I'm finally getting close to finishing all the thank you notes. (People don't tell you what a drag this is. It tests your will to be married).

But now I'm stuck. After trying to think up five different ways to thank people for the "lovely whisk and bowl set" for fear that I'll begin to sound like a form letter, I can't for the life of me pretend to sincerely thank someone for the "wonderfully embroidered Families are Forever wall hanging." Or how about this, "Thank you for the four matching spoon rests. We have no idea what you thought they were, and we have no idea what to do with them. With your four, we have a total of seven. SEVEN spoon rests. We're looking into regifting options. . ."

I think I'll go take a shower in hopes to rouse my brain a little.

1 comment:

gigi said...

Oh wedding gifts...My oldest sister got four crock pots for her wedding. I don't think she ever finished her thank you notes, so way to go on getting close!

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