Saturday, June 13, 2009


We were listing words that start with P at dinner on Thursday and Paddy (the 3-year-old) asserted that "patkalatulip" is a great word because it starts with P and ends with P. After inquiring about what "patkalatulip" means, we concluded that it might be a flower, but he forgot. But I can't get over how darling his little voice is.

We've also been working on a solar system to hang in the basement. Paddy and I worked on the sun for a few hours while GABBIN', the self-appointed, "expert on space" painted all of the planets with watercolors and cut them out. He informed me that the sun I was making had to be 900 times the size of jupiter (which took up just about the entire sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper he was painting it on). I assured him that the sun would definitely end up being that big. I have learned more about space during my time in DC this summer than I think I have in my whole life combined. I get factoids everyday, the trick is sorting out the made-up ones with the real ones.

The supplies.

GABBIN' and Paddy at work. We brought the collection of space books downstairs to use as references and ideas for what we need in our solar system. They also dressed in their space pajamas. We had a plethora of sources for inspiration.

The sun. Paddy ripped up the papers while I taped them all back together.

A solar flare. GABBIN' took the picture and informed me that "this is exactly what a solar flare looks like. I'm positive!"


Michelle said...

I have listened to that cute kid saying "patkalatulip" like fifty times. I play it over and over every time I check your blog. SO CUTE!

Linae said...

oh my, this is so sweet. now i can't get the word out of my head and i keep on mumbling it every 5 minutes at least.

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