Monday, July 20, 2009


- Hey come one, let's start at the same time. You always get distracted.

- Am I your most distracted wife?

- By far! My other wives never get distracted.

- I knew it.


kcandbrookie said...

Hey Paige, this is Brookie (skousen) cowles. Hey i was reading your post about the "healthy Americans Act"... is that supposed to be in opposition to the plan that obama is proposing? and how did you get the link to put in your blog?

Ardently said...

brookie! so glad to meet in the blog-o-sphere.

yes it is an alternative to obama's plan (which is actually the senate committee on health's plan). senator bennett (of utah) and another senator got together and wrote the plan posted on our blog, but they aren't part of the health committee. (the health committee's plan got harsh criticism from the congressional budget office--a non-partisan entity--for being too costly).

the way you link something on your blog is to highlight a section of text and then push the little button along the formatting bar that looks like a link and a little green world. then you just enter the URL of the site you want to link.

michael is always up on the latest and greatest isn't he?

hope that is helpful and that all is well.

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