Monday, September 28, 2009


What if it rained letters? What if little p's and q's splashed on your arm or stuck on your glasses? L's would slide down my fingers and drop onto the ground, joining the alphabet soup that was forming the puddles. T's, c's and k's would pound hard on the tops of umbrellas and the b's would simply bounce off.

Maybe if it rained letters I could hold out my notebooks and collect poetry and prose. Or maybe my essays could write themselves.

If it rained letters we could read what the clouds say. Maybe they could settle this whole "global climate change" debate.

Perhaps different combination of letters would make a different taste when you caught them in your mouth. We could taste the satisfying words like, "understand" and "embrace," but "conflict" might not taste as sweet.

If it rained letters I'd go outside and collect them in cups and bowls, then arrange them on my refrigerator like magnets. And I would spell words that I really meant, and leave them there for you to read. Words like, "I Love You True" and "This Tastes Delicious" and "Thank You."

What would you do?

(photo credit: unknown via DesignCrush)


Tom said...

wow. that was inspiring.

Anne said...

Love it. Send it to Michelle:)

Amy said...

Ahhh, if only! I love it!

wings said...

b's would most definitely bounce... unless they fell upside down, then it would b a p, and pierce through the umbrella's protective canopy.

loved this paige.

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