Thursday, September 24, 2009


I married a champion of a man. You heard me. A champion.

I asked him for a favor today. I had a test review until 6:30 so I called to see if he could chop up the veggies and chicken for fajitas. I'd make the seasoning and throw it all together in a snap when I got home. But that would save me some time.

I texted him at 6:29, "I'm going to be late. . . want to google something or make up your own spices? we're only on essay 3 of 5. . ."

At 6:30 I get a response, "It's already made."

That's just the kind of champ I married.

So I get home and I tell him how good it smells, how proud I am of him, how happy it made me to come home to the table all set and everything beautifully in its place, and then I ask him what he used to season the fajitas. He said he'd tell me after I finished my first one.

It was delicious. But I still had to pry it out of him: come one, WHAT DID YOU USE?

Why so sheepish? Because he used popcorn butter flavoring. THE POWDER KIND that they put on movie theater popcorn. Hilarious. He said it tasted like the cinema. I honestly couldn't taste a thing other than fajita.

So, courtesy of Mikey, here's the recipe:
Fajitas (to impress your wife with)

1 large yellow bell pepper
1 onion
2 chicken breasts
leftover salsa juice
vegetable oil
couple shakes of pepper
liberal amounts of popcorn flavoring

Saute veggies and chicken in oil and "spices" until meat is cooked thoroughly
Also, we donated blood today and my O- husband pumped his out in 5 and 14 seconds. Record time. (I finished up in a lousy 10 minutes and still passed out).


Lindsey said...

Very impressive Michael.I did not know your were a cook.

Jenny Pate said...

You passed out? I'm sorry!

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