Monday, November 9, 2009


A great article by one of our favorites, David Brooks, came out on the 2nd. The article talks about the strange culture that is coming of our technologically saturated era, especially in the areas of love and dating.

Mikey made a comment on the article and his comment got published. (Comments are moderated by the New York Times and he has commented several times before without getting his comment published).

He said, quoting a passage from the article,
"'Today there are fewer norms that guide in that way.'

There are more than you might realize. Consider the following quote:

Moral uncertainty always leads ot behavioral absurdity. Prescriptions which are value-free always prove to be so costly. Unprincipled pragmatism is like advising someone who is hopelessly mire in quicksand not to struggle--so that he will merely sink more slowly!"
-Neal Maxwell."
What a smarty pants. (Both of them).

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