Monday, January 11, 2010


My Art Criticism class makes me think. I like it.

Last week we spend a good deal of time trying to define "An Abundant Life." What makes ones life abundant? Is it the same as having a "full life?" Is it similar to having a "happy life?" Is it the same?

I feel like my life is abundant, but it's hard to name or point to things that make it so. I know that my relationship my husband, my relationships with family and friends all contribute to an abundant life, but there is something more than just a multitude of others that make you happy. Maybe an abundant life, in part, means that you have a connection, you are rooted in many places, in many hearts, in many cities, in many interests, in many goals. I think a part of having an abundant life means to have a life that has direction, promise.

A life full of promise. I think we all have one of those. Are we all living an abundant life?

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