Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

I like Mexican food. I do. But I don't like the post-Mexican-food-feeling. In fact, I hate it. It's heavy and gluggy and gross.


I figured Cinco de Mayo (why we "celebrate" it in the U.S. I still can't figure out) would be a great excuse for some greasy goodness.

After finishing up a day at the library, Mikey and I headed to Los Hermanos on our bikes (and, without even coordinating, wearing our matching jackets. Oh the coolness...)

The chips, as always were excellent and the salsa, don't even get me started. I could eat chips and salsa for days on end, every meal, and never get tired of it. And there may (or may not) have been a time during finals week that I tried that diet and I thought it was awesome thankyouverymuch.

We decided to split a burrito. Mikey tried to convince me to get something "good, but not really Mexican-y" on the menu. Are you kidding me? ON CINCO DE MAYO YOU EXPECT ME TO EAT HALIBUT AND VEGGIES?! At Mikey's insistence we got an appetizer because he felt cheap getting waters and splitting a meal. He's been a server and knows how it feels to get the cheap.

While the bean dip was awesome, my vote next time will be to forgo the dip and just give the server a fat tip. Save ourselves the calories and the possible gas-inducing consequences of a night out with refried beans.

I realized I lost my favorite new lip gloss and decided to retrace our "steps" on the ride home. We didn't find it which put me in a surprisingly foul mood. Over lip gloss. I know, let's talk about how I teach the 10-year-olds and they may be rubbing off on me.

My immaturity was only matched by Mikey's new favorite joke:

M: "Did you know that yesterday (the 4th of May) was Star Wars day?"
P: "No, really?"
P: "Okay, that was so, so lame."

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