Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've had goosebumps since May 1st

Our apartment (the one we're moving out of in less than a month and I'm slowly realizing I'll really miss it) is an icebox. In the summer months, the folks upstairs trump our thermostat as soon as they turn on the AC. Here's the problem. Basements don't need AC. In fact, when you have AC pumping into basements, they feel cold. Not refreshingly cold. Meat locker cold. It's strange when you open the fridge and the temperature inside doesn't feel any different than the temperature in the kitchen.

As a kid I lived with the AC curmudgeon. (AC may or may not be a dual initial in this case) Now, mind you, she was a kind curmudgeon most of the time, but I don't think even she could have survived in my west-facing bedroom situated directly above the garage. With no AC. All night. I used to sleep with a squirt bottle that I would mist in the air every few seconds or so until I fell asleep.

Now that I live in the freezer section, I want my old bedroom back.

I don't think I'm a truly picky person, but I am beginning to wonder if I'm cold blooded. Every time I walk into our apartment I feel my body moving slower and slower the longer I'm here. It's almost like those dreams everybody has when you run as hard and fast as you can, but you feel like you're barely moving.

Did I mention that my pet chameleon, Clarence, died in a freezer? True story. So maybe it's good that in a few weeks we'll hop across the street and find some warmth in the northerly direction, which is totally counter-intuitive.

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Elle and Jared said...

good to hear the move isn't a big one. come hang out with us. soon.

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