Monday, June 21, 2010

On this, the longest day of the year

Let me tell you about the perfect day. It starts off with a flurry of domestic activity that clears the clutter from you soul as well as the floor in your closet. It is interrupted by a lunch date with that boy you married because he makes you smile when he opens the front door. Basically, he feels like home and I love that feeling.

After you kiss him goodbye and wish him the best in bringing home the bacon you head out on your bike for some research time on campus. But not academic research, bridal shower research, which, speaking from experience, is well worth the time and it's just as satisfying as that 12 page research paper I turned in two weeks ago. Also, you don't have to make a bibliography. Always a perk.

The perfect day always makes room for a nap, but just a short one. There is too much to do on June 21st, the longest day of the year.

The perfect day also allows for plenty of bike riding. This time, to dinner with over 20 people who you absolutely adore, and not because you have to (they are family afterall), but because they are some of the most intelligent wonderful people on the planet. (This is all true). And like any perfect day, dinner is of the Mexican variety, because no problem was ever so big a little flour tortilla couldn't cure it.

The post-dinner bike ride is taken at a slower pace, there's no room for side-aches on perfect days. No, no. But the bike ride is longer, for on the longest day of the year, there must be music. Live music. Fun music. Outdoor music. Yes, a lawn concert does just the trick. The perfect day is also filled with treats. Cookie dough and popcorn, but also, the first Surf 'N Slurp of the year. Surfer's Sunset is highly recommended.

Finally, the perfect day is wrapped up with an outdoor movie in the backyard with the arm of that boy I told you about tucked tightly around my shoulder.

For on this, the longest day of the year, all moments should be outside moments. They should be sunshine moments that keep you warm even after the sun sets way after bed time.

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