Monday, July 12, 2010

Get out of my banana

Here I am, minding my own business, chowing down on a perfectly under-rip banana (with just a hint of green, so as to not be too sweet you see) and all of the sudden there is something extra-fiberous, stiff, and nigh-unto-crunchy in my mouth.

Ew. What is that?

I spit it out. Take another bite. Again it's there! Is there extra hairy stuff on the edges? (After basically shaving the exterior of my banana, I decide that no, there isn't extra hairy stuff). So I investigate further. I take another bite, trying to locate where the hard-yuck is coming from.

It's the center.

So I stick my finger down the middle of my banana (so it divides into perfect thirds which is just one of life's little pleasures--perfectly dividing your banana into thirds...) and find this column of brown icky stuff. It's like someone put Grape-nuts in the center of my banana.

And now, at this point, the thought of Grape-nuts in my banana makes it completely unappetizing. Into the trash it goes (don't tell Mikey).


Elle and Jared said...

that's disgusting. come see us. asap.

La Penseuse Viable said...

same thing has happened to me. no joke. something must be done about this grape nut invasion...

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