Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All sorts of happy

Did you feel it? Not just the sunshine, but the energy and goodness and happiness that came because there was a blue sky and a big yellow sun?

I felt so springy I wore a skirt. A white one. Yes, before Memorial Day. And we had a family picnic. Ada slept through the whole thing (typical).

Yes, my PB&J is on a hamburger bun. We're fancy like that.

We also went to the Tulip Festival. We had every intention of going last year but somehow the month of April escaped us. We also had the intention of going yesterday. We drove up there and everything. But as we were getting out of the car and I took Ada out of her seat, the wind picked up, made her gasp, and made me decide once and for all that it was too cold and too gray and too dreary. Plus, it looked like it was going to rain.

By the way, the Tulip Festival is stroller central. We felt right at home. It was awesome.

Some lady with a baby strapped on her front and pushing another one looked at Ada in the stroller with this sad, sideways gaze. After we got out of her view I walked around to the front of the stroller to see what Ada looked like. It basically looked like her head wasn't connected to her body. She was asleep for basically the whole stroll (typical), but I just then realized that DUH the stroller can lay down flat. After we realigned her head with the rest of her body, she looked downright cozy laying down in there. We didn't get any crooked looks after that.

Doesn't Ada look thrilled to have been woken up for a family photo?

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Jess said...

Sooo, not to be a creepy creepster but your blog was featured on 'You Seriously Made That' and I may or may not have been stalking you for the past half hour. :)
You take the CUTEST pregnancy pictures ever and there is a very big possibility that I might need to borrow the week by week idea. Too cute! I'm almost 8 weeks prego with twinners and I've been trying to find a super cute week idea and I think that you win. P.S.Your daughter is simply adorable. Your whole fam is actually. Is it weird that I secretly wish that we were friends? lol Anyway, I was wondering where you found that cute picnic basket. I've been trying to find something similar {well, not really trying, just wishing for} and am not sure where to start looking. If you are feeling sharey my email is

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