Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I wet the bed

Okay, not really. But nearly.

Mike leaves for work at 3 AM these days. When he first started the early morning shift, he asked me if I was ever scared to be alone in the middle of the night. I told him no. I think I was too tired to be scared.

But this morning around 5 I heard a man's voice in my living room. (I take it back Michael! It's way scary!) I thought it may have just been part of my dream that felt extra real when I first woke up, but then I heard it again, saying something about change. (No, it wasn't Obama, and no, it wasn't the TV. . . we don't have one of those).

While wanting to hide in my covers, my mother-bear instincts kicked in, so with cell phone in hand I peered around the door frame, expecting to see a large figure in the living room. Wanting to kill me.

BEEEEEP! I jumped. And then the voice was there again, "The batteries in the detector need to be changed. Remove the detector and replace the batteries."

What the freak!? The smoke detector woke me up at 5 to tell me to change its batteries? I tell you, electronics are ruling our lives.

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