Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A clipping spree

I cut Mike's hair last week.

I wasn't nearly as squirrel-y about it as I was the first time. And our "12-piece home styling kit" has more than paid for itself by now.

Saturday I woke up and took after the bushes in my parent's yard with a vengeance. OlderAndWiserToo and Mikey helped as well. (On a funny side-note: my sister, who served her mission in Nicaragua, was WISHING SHE HAD A MACHETE to do yard work with. Weirdo. I was aching for some power clippers. Alas, we were both stuck with our little manual hand clippers...)

And today I gave the front hedge a buzz.

Anyone (thing) need a trim?

1 comment:

Beetle said...

I brought home a couple of machetes from Uganda. Bus has them in his shed. Maybe for the next trimming fest . . .

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