Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sleep had fled from my eyes

I couldn't sleep last night. My whole body felt restless, like every part of me wanted different things.

My legs wanted calm after two days of tennis.

My eyes wanted respite from messes and chaos.

But my mind seemed to want to flit around from thought to thought while and my arms wanted to find new ways to tuck close to my body in an attempt to find sleep.

I was in a state of general restlessness.

Is it because I haven't been in my own bed for nearly a month now? (Wait, what is my own bed? We've slept on 4 different ones in 4 different apartments. Having my own bed is one of my fantasies). Is it because there are so many things I'm anticipating? (the return of my parents, Mike's paycheck, traveling for 21 hours and 40 minutes to Bologna. With a 7 month-er. Oh yeah . . .). Is it because I kept replaying moments of my first days with Ada after holding my friend's 2-day old beauty? (When did my baby get so big?!!)

I welcomed Ada's cry this morning. It gave my sleepless self something to do rather than stare at the fan.

Post title taken from HERE.

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