Thursday, July 14, 2011

A diaper update

*Skip this post if you find yourself offended by words like "poop"

Solid foods brought with them two things: better sleeping (I know, I know, they say solids don't make babies sleep through the night. All I know is that she was a good sleeper, then a bad sleeper, then we started her on rice cereal and now she's a good sleeper again. Maybe it's coincidence...) and nastier poops.

I know quite a few cloth diaperers who quit at 6 months for various reasons. The reason I seem to hear about the most is, "It just got gross." Indeed. Squash can do a number in the diaper department.

But I have found a renewed love for cloth diapering as we have entered this new and lovely phase of it all. Diaper liners + flushable wipes = my place never smells like poo (a bonus in the baby world). As lovely as diaper pails are, I swear they're always stinky. When I nannied out East the summer after Mikey and I got married, one family kept their diaper pail on the back deck. No one ever went out there but the brave soul who had an insatiable craving for a grilled hot dog.

Let's face it, poop belongs in the toilet. Not on the deck, or in the nursery, or in the garbage can for that matter.

So I now place a flushable liner on top of the cloth when I suspect that poop might be just around the corner. (Another magical power moms have is the Poop Predictor). When it arrives, I take out the liner, flush it down the toilet with the wipes, and take care of the rest of the diaper as usual. Viola!

I'll say it again: cloth diapering IS SO DOABLE.


Morgan and Holly said...


Aimoku and Tyler said...

So where do you get flushable liners?

paige crosland anderson said...

@ Aimoku

I get everything on, but I have a friend who gets them at the grocery store. I linked the kind I get on the post.

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