Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not quite that bald

I knew before I had her, that my baby would be bald. Mikey was a bald baby and I don't think I grew a full head of hair until the 5th grade. So it wasn't surprising. At all. Plus, lots of babies are bald.

What I didn't expect was every mother-of-a-bald-baby commenting on how sweet Ada is and then telling me, "My babies were bald. Maybe not quite that bald. But they were bald."


But I think hair would totally get in the way of her adorable features. I think we might buzz her hair as soon as any length appears (like when she's 9 years old), just to be sure her sweet face doesn't go unnoticed.


Morgan and Holly said...

Lucky for Ada she doesn't need hair to be cute!!!

Elle Keeps Moving said...

how did we both post on baby baldness today?

The McKinleys said...

hahaha you always make me laugh paige :)

and don't worry, my baby is JUST is bald as ada...maybe even more bald! i think it's adorable.

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