Monday, July 18, 2011

When the crickets came alive

We went to the park twice on Saturday. Ada was sleeping in her car seat for the first little while both times. We went to read the 4th installment of Harry Potter's Adventures (the point at which Mikey stopped reading but now wishes to start up again after seeing the last film) but neither time actually cracked the book.

We laid on our backs and watched nature sway. And then later we laid on our bellies, listened to the crickets come alive and talked about awkward moments when we were dating. (Like this one: Mike: "Hi it's me. I was wondering if you wanted to go to a play with me this weekend." Paige: (Long pause) "Ummmmmmmm (hand over the receiver, whispering to my aunt and sister, "It's him! What should I say?!??) Ummmmmmmm . . . (you see I was just telling them how dashing he is, maybe too dashing, and I wasn't sure about this whole getting serious business) Ummmmm. . . sure. I'll go.")

Then Ada woke up. We sat there together for a little while and I was overcome by just how much I love my little family. I can't wait to grow together in Bologna, far away from familiarity and family. It's going to be scary and lonely and maybe terrible at times, but mostly I think it will be binding, extending and strengthening.

We leave in less than two months. Gah!

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Linae said...

I would just post you both my Italian landline and cell phone number now, but you're not in Italy yet.. What I'm trying to say:
If it gets strange and lonely and scary at any point just remember that I am only a train ride away. The bad moments are necessary to make us appreciate the wonderful ones - and I hope I can add to the second category. I am really happy and excited for everything in your lives. I can't wait.

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