Friday, September 2, 2011

abbracci e baci

Guess what happened yesterday? It became September without me even wishing August goodbye. My cousin was discharged from the hospital to finish out her doctor-ordered-bed rest (stay put baby!) We threw her a baby shower (and we didn't have to go to the hospital to do it!!!) and my phone, which has been held together with duct tape (leopard print duct tape if you must know) for well over a year finally bit the dust. And Ada got some shots.

There were a few moments when I got to lift my head out of the hustle of the day and smother my girl in hugs and kisses (abbracci e baci, in Italian). We played some games on the floor. That was my favorite part of the day.

Everything else was good too. The shower went well. I activated a new phone. I called our new insurance company and while the nice guy helping me figure out my benefits looked up our plan, he enumerated the reasons why he loves the smell of babies (it was so weird but funny all at once).

I'll miss August (and the 1st day of September, for that matter). But guess what happens in September?

On a different note, this marks my 800th post. Whoa. That's lots.

1 comment:

Elle Keeps Moving said...

i keep getting butterflies for you. i hope you make at least 800 more posts while you are out there. i want details.

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