Monday, October 24, 2011

Come again soon

We had a much needed lazy weekend. Saturday we hung around the house and rode our bikes around the park in the afternoon (I wished 100 times I had taken my camera along. . .) We came home to talk with Mike's family and then went out for pizza.

For some reason, I was the grumpiest I have been since arriving here on Sunday morning. Everything is going to be bad, my mood told me. Church will be long because Ada will be squirmy and fussy the whole time, and we'll all freeze on the ride over.

It was a great day of church and Ada was probably on her best behavior yet. And bonus, no one froze. I'm so lucky to be married to a guy who tells me "Paige, the world is not going to end! Ada is fine. She'll be fine, and if she's not I'll take her to priesthood with me," when all I wanted to hear was, "You're right. Life is so cold and fussy right now."

He's my reality-checker-inner and my lets-dream-big-together all in one. I love him so much.

The weekend was a perfect picture of Fall. A nip in the air, jackets, sweaters and scarfs, a brisk bike ride together, playing on the swings, giggles and screams at home, pizza, Friday Night Lights (Mike and I have been talking about the Dillon Panthers all weekend. What have we gotten ourselves into?), church, naps, and an evening with friends and warm apple crisp. (Oh, Brianna and company, please invite yourself over sometime soon!)

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Fancy Nancy said...

Love the way she squeals. So glad to see her darling little face again!

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