Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Living in Italy: Dishes

I know you're all dying to know how we do dishes here, right?

Short answer: we do all our dishes by hand (like so, so many people do. In fact, Mikey have only had a dishwasher at 1 of the 5 apartments we've lived in). But I had never seen one of these before:

the dishwasher
Above the sink is a cupboard that has drying racks rather than shelves. You can remove a plastic tray from the bottom of the cupboard so that the water drips directly onto the drain board/into the sink. Pretty nifty. Since counter space is so limited, it's great that we don't have to devote any of it to dish drying (Ironically, I took this picture after we had dinner guest so we had lots and lots and lots of dishes to do. It's the only time I've used another drying rack in addition to the dish cupboard).

We have come to refer to the cupboard as "the dishwasher" (when in reality, we are the dishwasher). As in "Hey hon, could you empty the dishwasher?"

If I don't get to have a big window looking out on the backyard over my someday-dream-home kitchen sink, then I want one of these puppies. I think they're brilliant.

Want more of our day-to-day routine?
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