Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ada christened

On our way to the library. A stop brief stop in the Piazza Galvani.
As we walked into my bedroom to change Ada's diaper I remembered what I had forgotten at the store: wipes.

I opened her diaper, hoping for just a wet one. No such luck.

I declared a Wipes Emergency and went into the bathroom where Ada christened the bidet. Both Mike and I have been afraid to use it (it seems a little too personal), but Ada didn't seem to mind one bit. So here we are, 3 months in on our little foreign adventure, and Ada is the only one to have braved this cultural experience.

My friend, Julie (who is married to an Italian), said that to the Italians, a bathroom without a bidet is like a bathroom without a toilet. Today I cheered for Italian hyper-hygiene. It kept poop out of the bathroom sink.

Advent Calender Day 15: Watch Yes, Virginia
Christmas Song: Snow Day by Matt Pond PA

Snow Day by matt pond PA on Grooveshark

1 comment:

Amy and Mark said...

hahahaha That's how I was in Spain! But Mark is determined to get one installed in a future home someday... says they're the best things ever! I have never been brave enough to try one either. Go Ada!

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