Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A cyber pep-talk

(Because sometimes writing it all down makes it more likely to happen).

Today I will not let Ada's wacky naps get me down.

I will explore something new in the city.

Even though I missed a few days of sketching, I can still sketch today.

I can conquer the laundry.

I will try (again) to find rubber cement. And if I still can't find it, I'll take comfort in the fact that I can buy some in Utah in 11 days (eeek!)

I am a good cook. I will have a delicious dinner waiting for Mike when he gets home from a long day of school and if the stars are aligned, Ada might be asleep too. But if she's not, at least she'll be in her jammies and looking extra cute when daddy comes home.

I will try to use what little Italian I know and practice while I'm out and about today. Because practice makes perfect.

Advent Calender Day 13: Read this talk together
Christmas Song: Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World (does it make me out of shape if, by the end of dancing with Ada to this song, I'm winded?)

Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World on Grooveshark

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