Friday, December 23, 2011

Vivi Natale

Remember our plan to go ice skating?

I was pretty excited about it, but when we got there the place was over-run with rowdy, rambunctious, rapidly skating ragazzi. We thought it would be fine to have Ada in the Baby Bjorn, but after envisioning a collision with one of the said ragazzi, we opted to just watch for a bit and buy a frittelle con Nutella with about fifty 5 cent pieces (I am the worst at using change. And when you live some place that has 8 DIFFERENT COINS it becomes a real issue).

Vivi Natale 2011
Watching the ragazzi and silently thanking us for not throwing her in the ring with them.
We thought about getting a slice off the old la porchetta but thought better of it . . .
Ada, nearly in a food coma and covered in Nutella.
We walked around Parco della Montagnola and ate our fritelle. Ada enjoyed it a lot. Much more tasty than the ice we all could have eaten had we taken a spill on the rink.

The night was so beautiful. We strolled through some Christmas Markets on the way home and I showed Mike the nativity I would buy if we weren't starving students. (Sigh). It's so beautiful.

Lights strung all the way down Via dell'Independenza.

Advent Calender Day 23: Walk to Basilica di Santo Stefano
Christmas Song: God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by Joshua James

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Joshua James on Grooveshark

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