Monday, December 31, 2007


On the Twelveth day of Christmas (Break) my true love gave to me:

12 Drummers Drumming.

Seriously. 12 snares were in my living room this morning shortly after 9:00 to bang away for my dad who has been receiving a daily gift from Mom over the break. Let's take a moment and review:

12 Drummers Drumming
11 Pounds of Paper (this was decidedly sort of lame, but the alliteration worked, right?)
10 Frogs a Leapin' (yes we got 10 frogs for Christmas, but the Little'ns spend most of their time exclaiming "I think that one's dead!" Mom threatened to give them to a family who would love them and not be so morbid about it)
9 Fingers Dancing (apparently she found a 9 finger masseuse...or she refrained from using one of her pinkies)
8 Bars of Milka (okay, I think there were 5, but we put those on top of the other pseudo-chocolate bars)
7 Prawns a Sizzlin'
6 Pieces of Layer Cake (I thought this was the biggest stretch words-wise. But it tasted good, so I'm not complaining)
5 Gold Things! (We went to Sportsman's Warehouse and found gold things: a trailer hitch lock, water bottle, some fur...little did I know that Sportsman's has a craft aisle. I found a few unique gifts for Lil' Lou and Mogli. Mogli got a squirrel tail-bone included, and Lil'Lou got a rabbit "mask." and P.S. that picture is totally 100% not photoshopped)
4 Cheese Curds (I probably ate more squeaky cheese than Dad, but it's really hard not to when there are 4 bags in the fridge begging to be eaten)
3 French Pens
2 Purple Gloves
and a Cartridge in a Pair of Jeans (Lil'Lou and I were sent to get the jeans and she had a classic line. We were searching for the right size and could only find two pair to choose from. Of one pair Lil' Lou decidedly stated, "These are way too trendy for Dad," and she was probably right seeing as he's not really into the pre-faded, tumbled wash thing).

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David Fullmer said...

It was an honor of the highest order to perform with the Richard Crosland Christmas Gift 2007 Drumline this morning. Your family is always doing something interesting and fun...but it's more than that. You know how to live life. You guys are great friends (with really great waffles)!

Happy New Year


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