Sunday, December 30, 2007


The day has come to start boxing up Christmas. Honestly, it makes me sad to think that we have to box up the merriment, the cheer, the joy, peace, and noel along with the ornaments and lights, but alas I suppose most good things must come to an end. The stockings that used to be all hung by the fire with care are now in the bottom of an old apple box and the only remnants of decoration left in the house consists of the butter dish and the mother of all decorations, the revered Christmas Tree. This was just too big of an undertaking for today. But soon that too will be boxed away for another year and another season meanwhile we have to try our hardest to keep the spirit of Christmas alive rather than the spirit of bitter-cold and endless-snow misery. Winter after the holidays gets dreary. But soon enough school will start again and take my mind off the cold and focus it on things of wonderment and discovery.

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