Thursday, January 10, 2008


I was thinking today about how environmentally friendly blogging is. Although I don't get the full pleasure of writing like I do when I labor over my journal pages, the ease of blogging coupled with the rainforests I'm saving by recording digitally makes the whole experience that much better. So I grabbed my journals from the past 5 years (the ones I have with me at the dorms) and did a space comparison. Mr. Apple definitely has them beat. Is cyber space really space at all? How does memory "fill up?" Is information tangible on a microscopic scale?

It startles me at times how much I have to say and how prolifically I write. I wonder if my kids will just flip through my journals when I die and say "Whoa. What now?" What will they do with them? Odds are, they'll be turned into some digital file anyway and everyone can get a copy on a CD. No, CDs will be way out dated. They'll be inserted into the drive in their neck for physical digital storage. Then they can read Granny's ramblings wherever and whenever. Hmmm.

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